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Happy Holidays

A holiday wish to all of our followers- a very happy holiday season to you and all of your loved ones. We sincerely hope you find yourself enjoying quiet moments as well as the busy ones. Thank you for joining our journey, please continue to watch as we grow in 2017!

Our Fragrances

The creation of fragrances is quite an involved and complex process. In our case, it begins with our experienced perfumers sourcing, smelling and selecting the thousands of raw materials. These include essential oils, resins, absolutes, aromatic chemicals, etc. all necessary to comprise the olfactory palette from which the finished fragrances are ultimately produced.

The wide spectrum of materials and potential ingredient combinations are needed to piece together what will become the fragrance and the way it will be experienced. Drawing from multiple decades of experience, our perfumers begin the journey by using all of their senses, as the power of smell can conjure moments in life far deeper and emotional, than just the obvious odor.

The initial fragrance concepts are composed like music or a song, utilizing high, mid-range and base notes. Each note sings it part of the total composition and contributes to the harmony and balance of the aroma. By combining creativity, passion and a high level of training, our perfumers are able to turn ingredients into captivating perfumes. They have refined their craft over years of experience, resulting in an ability to translate emotions into scent.

The fragrances are all hand-blended by artisans that understand and appreciate how to create fragrances and the delicate processes involved with the blending of all the components into one finely tuned and finished masterpiece.

Our Wax

Plant-based, or botanical, wax is a completely natural and renewable resource. Due to its intrinsic renewability, this plant-based product furnishes a secure and reliable supply, unlike fossil fuel-based mineral waxes.

Candles crafted from vegetable wax are:
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Clean burning (producing measurably less soot than other waxes)
  • Completely free of animal-derived substances
Botanical wax outperform on many factors. Since it is versatile and adaptable, plant- based wax offers easily customizable blends to allow for a variety of scents.

This wax also provides consistent fragrance holding qualities, an important factor since scent is the primary decision maker when purchasing candles.