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The Koster Family has been in the wax and candle industries since 1852 and for 5 generations. Paramold MFG, LTD. was started over 35 years ago by Richard Koster Sr. and was one of the first and largest pressed tealight manufacturers in the United States. Paramold continues today to serve as leader in the private label and food service industry. Paramold is currently run by three of Richard’s children, Katy, Tess and Rick.

In 2012, the three siblings got together and formed a new division, 90 Bourne. Their intention is to offer a new product to a new customer in a new market. Growing up in the candle industry they are each able to bring over 20 years of experience, knowledge and quality to their new lines.

Their passion for great candles is apparent in everything they do and their customers appreciate that which is why they keep coming back.

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