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Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we started thinking about the place of candles in romance. While no one seems quite sure where in history candles started to be associated with love and romance, we know for sure that they definitely are today. Candlelit dinners are basically synonymous with romance and where else would we get the phrase “old flame?”

Stay with us while we get a bit sciencey for a moment – there aren’t too many studies published specifically about candlelight, but science says that the human circadian rhythm (the one that maintains our day/night cycle) is very sensitive to changes in light. Low light tells our bodies it’s time to relax, making us more at ease and reducing stress- sort of a massage for the senses- that’s a start!

Candle light is wonderful for a dinner date because it provides just enough light to focus on your food and each other, while dimming your focus on anything else. This darkened environment also allows our pupils to dilate, which (like blushing) is a subconscious signal of attraction- especially from a woman to a man. Studies have shown that our pupils dilate wider than normal when we’re excited about something – or someone! What’s more, that dilation is often found attractive by others. This is where we get the term “bedroom eyes” from, by the way! Obviously we can’t overtly control someone else’s pupils, but we can set the mood with a flickering candle – the reduced light means that someone’s eyes are more prone to dilating, which sets the mood for love. With that in mind then, it’s no wonder that candle light is such a natural pairing for any and all romantic settings.

It’s not just the light from candles that sets the mood, either. Specific fragrances are known to have a powerful effect on human feelings. The part of our brain that deals with smell is also the part that processes feelings and emotional associations with certain memories. That’s why the smell of freshly cut grass can make you think of a park in summer for example, even if you’re not anywhere near one. And while, again, we can’t actually control a person’s emotions, certain scents can nudge us in the right direction. Vanilla, tobacco, sandalwood… all those warm inviting scents tend to help turn up the romance.

At 90Bourne, we’ve got a fantastic range of scented candles for whatever you need – whether that’s to set the mood, or just to unwind at the end of a long day. Not only do they smell amazing and create a beautiful glow but they are housed in gorgeous and simple jars which are easy on those “bedroom eyes.” Enjoy!

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Featured on Fox News

As you may have heard, the Koster Family has been in the wax and candle industry since 1852 - 5 generations. Paramold MFG, LTD. was started in New York over 35 years ago by Richard Koster Sr. and is one of the largest pressed tealight manufacturers in the United States. Paramold continues today to serve as leader in the private label and food service industry. Paramold is currently run by three of Richard’s children, Katy, Tess and Rick. In 2012, the three siblings got together and formed a new division, 90 Bourne.

Recently, Paramold and 90Bourne were fortunate enough to be highlighted on Fox News in their section “Made on Long Island.” They are being recognized for their success in continuing to run a local, family business that has a corner market in the wax and candle world. Take a look inside our factory and see the whole story in this video!

Scent Mixing

To say we love candles would be an understatement. Candles are our life. Walk into our office at any given time, you’re guaranteed to find a candle burning—usually more than one. Lately, when we’ve been burning two or more candles at a time, we’ve noticed that it can be pretty hit or miss but sometimes the scents mix seamlessly to create a whole new fragrance. Here we decided to share a few tips and tricks we’ve learned about crafting the perfect candle cocktail. Mixing some our scents is a way to breathe new life into those old favorites.
A great combination to burn in the living room after work or in your bedroom. These scents together recreate a warmth that we can only connect to relaxation and home.
One of our favorite ways to use candles is to recreate a relaxing spa atmosphere from the comfort of your own home. As simple as they are, there is something about candles that feels so luxurious and refreshing in the same way that a spa day does. Burn these two candles at once and you will experience the rejuvenating smells of the spa. Burn them in the bathroom while applying a mask or taking a bath!
Mixing florals is always a good idea. Whatever flowers happen to be your favorites, they are practically guaranteed to blend together well. Burning multiple floral scents at once mimics the intoxicating aroma of walking into a flower shop or breathing in a bouquet of fresh cut flowers.
Those combinations are really just the beginning, of course! Half the fun is in experimenting and finding a winning combination of your own. Remember that when you’re crafting your own candle cocktail, it helps to think about which scents will recreate a certain mood or place when you combine them. Whether that’s a cabin in the woods or a seaside escape, scent is the main sense that is tied to memory, making it a powerful force on your mood. Happy mixing!

Happy Holidays

A holiday wish to all of our followers- a very happy holiday season to you and all of your loved ones. We sincerely hope you find yourself enjoying quiet moments as well as the busy ones. Thank you for joining our journey, please continue to watch as we grow in 2017!

Our Fragrances

The creation of fragrances is quite an involved and complex process. In our case, it begins with our experienced perfumers sourcing, smelling and selecting the thousands of raw materials. These include essential oils, resins, absolutes, aromatic chemicals, etc. all necessary to comprise the olfactory palette from which the finished fragrances are ultimately produced.

The wide spectrum of materials and potential ingredient combinations are needed to piece together what will become the fragrance and the way it will be experienced. Drawing from multiple decades of experience, our perfumers begin the journey by using all of their senses, as the power of smell can conjure moments in life far deeper and emotional, than just the obvious odor.

The initial fragrance concepts are composed like music or a song, utilizing high, mid-range and base notes. Each note sings it part of the total composition and contributes to the harmony and balance of the aroma. By combining creativity, passion and a high level of training, our perfumers are able to turn ingredients into captivating perfumes. They have refined their craft over years of experience, resulting in an ability to translate emotions into scent.

The fragrances are all hand-blended by artisans that understand and appreciate how to create fragrances and the delicate processes involved with the blending of all the components into one finely tuned and finished masterpiece.

Our Wax

Plant-based, or botanical, wax is a completely natural and renewable resource. Due to its intrinsic renewability, this plant-based product furnishes a secure and reliable supply, unlike fossil fuel-based mineral waxes.

Candles crafted from vegetable wax are:
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Clean burning (producing measurably less soot than other waxes)
  • Completely free of animal-derived substances
Botanical wax outperform on many factors. Since it is versatile and adaptable, plant- based wax offers easily customizable blends to allow for a variety of scents.

This wax also provides consistent fragrance holding qualities, an important factor since scent is the primary decision maker when purchasing candles.